Benelli Supernova, Shotguns with some extra features

Shotguns go way back to the early 18th century. How is this rifle still a viable fighting option?

Shotguns have been used in war since the blunderbus was invented in Europe. What makes the shotgun effective is that any user can bring the rifle up to their shoulder and engage the target with minimal marksmanship skills. All you need to do is point and pull the trigger.

I have been practicing with the Benelli Supernova. A modern pump action 12 gauge shotgun. The Supernova has some polymer exterior components mixed with traditional steel components. The barrel and internal receiver are steel, but Benelli offers a protective exterior polymer frame to protect the internals.

The trigger is pretty crisp and the oversized trigger gaurd is nice incase you are shooting with gloves on . The pump is audibly pleasing for the shooter and likely menacing for those who square up as an opponent.

As with pistols, you need a great set of sights and Benelli tossed ghost ring sights with white three dots to compliment the arrangement.

Considering that this gun retails for about $450, its a nearly perfect package for home defense. The guns only fallacy is that the tube is limited to four rounds of 12 gauge, and one shell in the chamber. Easily upgrade able this can be a solid option for protecting your family.


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