Gun Buy Backs and The Real Reason They Won’t Work

Gun buy backs are terrible for the preservation of the 2nd amendment and the populace.

Gun Buy Backs are notoriously taking guns that were in the hands of their original owners and were likely never to be used in a crime. The major conundrum is that we really would have never known if the surrendered gun would have ever been used illicitly. Law Enforcement cannot assume a gun surrendered is a gun that had “intent.”

Crimes are not being investigated thoroughly if law enforcement turns a blind eye to crimes committed with surrendered weapons. We can even safely assume that left leaning political agencies ( agencies who are motivated by DNC interests ), are even fiscally rewarding those individuals who committed a crime with a gun and then surrender it to law enforcement. Crime is literally paying at that point.

Veterans are also surrendering their weapons because of this phony rhetoric that the media is blasting into the outer realms of the universe. Surrendering, mutilating, or destroying your personally owned firearm is not going to prevent someone else from committing an atrocity they had already planned and prepared to execute themselves. John Smith in Florida cutting his AR15 in half, would not have prevented the Las Vegas massacre or any other instance a similar firearm was used. Be real, if you have to surrender your firearm because you think it will contribute to the execution of a crime, then you should have never been authorized or trusted to be responsible with that firearm to begin with. Red flags should have been prompted the FBI (who also cant seem to get their skills together) to look further into the purchase of these individuals surrendering their weapons. Those citizens can’t trust themselves with their very own firearm so in that case yes please take them away from their possession.

I’m not a proponent of gun buy backs. Heck, even the term “buy back” is not appropriate because the police never owned the firearm to begin with. AR15’s are not cheap and to surrender it for a measly $250 in gift cards is laughable at the money wasted by the individual. Be smart America, this is nothing more than a ploy to disarm you and when the revolution begins you will be sitting empty handed.


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