Daniel Defense back peddles

As we continue the battle on protecting our 2nd amendment Daniel’s Defense shocked the community by helping the Democrat led, Fix NICS bill.

Veterans all over the US have voiced strong opposition to the bill including opposing the presidents support of the bill as well. This bill has been viewed as an attack on veterans with mental health issues and continues to be problematic.

Springfield armory has also had issues in the past supporting bills that only benefited them and not the citizen. Previously they supported a bill that would have made state licensing mandatory and would have exempted manufactures.

Of course Daniel Defense knew the ramifications of the current legislation and who knows where the bill stands now. The bottom line is we can’t compromise with anyone including the manufacturers that make the very weapons that we strive to protect. So for all intents and purpose let’s just hold the corporations equally culpable for any legislation that is quietly attacking the second amendment.


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