Ramblings of an Alpha parent.

In a world where so many people are walking around armed, why would you choose to be unarmed?

I have been pondering why so many citizens feel they are able to put reason to the chaos that is often accompanied by so many acts of aggression. Why do people prefer victimization instead of counter aggression? Why be weak and opinionated instead of strong and reserved?

Parents today appear to take a preference of reporting and documenting instead of acting like a guardian to protect their own. I was in yet another Twitter battle with a woman who felt she was somehow morally superior to me by preferring to leave the care of her family to local law enforcement. Parents used to have to fight to protect their families, at what point did it become normal for someone to be able to deliberately withdraw from being the alpha and protecting their kids.

Parents have somehow been lead to believe they are somehow powerless. Personally, I blame the schools and more importantly the administration’s who feel they know what’s better for kids than their own parents. Instead of putting security first, we have seen many campuses put money making ventures as the priority. Food companies, technology companies and text book corporations are constantly draining schools of their budgets. What could possibly be left to defend and secure children? Should security be left last on school fiscal budgets?

According to parents who are pacifists the answer would be to leave security last because schools are not prisons, and children should not be confined to their facilities. Alpha parents would be more than willing to provide and share resources on protecting their children’s best interests. I use the term alpha parents too describe those who can not only protect their own but even a few extra. Perhaps instead of focusing on feminism, and mixed genders parents may be more proactive and interested in gangs and other deconstructive problems that could exacerbate and cause a continuing society to fail.

Some parents will continue to be stuck in a utopia and refuse to look around them. Life is easier for those who choose to put on blinders and ignore potential threats arising in their community. Life is easier when all you have to worry about is offending someone else’s pronoun.

A mother once told me she felt bad for me for living in fear all the time. I was at peace with her comment for if she knew who I am then she would know I sleep great at night because I am free to defend myself to the max. Thank you listening to my rant as coherent or incoherent as it may be. Not to often do I feel the need to express myself but after reading so many liberals fart their opinions on social media I considered it appropriate to vent. Take care of your loved ones and hopefully we can reach peace through firepower superiority.


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