Magtech kicks down the price on popular ammo

Ammo has been consistently been dropping since Trump took office. Magtech is offering a great, factory new Ammo that you can readily and steadily rely on. I’m hoping we can look back and not have to worry about ammo shortages in the foreseeable future.

I can easily remember when Obama took office and that caused a panic like no other. We couldn’t keep 45acp in stock. Ammo such as 10mm was also going at a premium rate in 2016. 6.5 Creedmoor also took the show last year as the new hot cartridge.

The 2018 shot show came out with a lot of 9mm firearms. I’m pretty much convinced that after two years of non traditional cartridges taking the show, the time has come back to focus on the regular Milspec cartridges.

One can only run specialty ammo for so long. Getting back into the 9mm for sustained training is definitely the focus. Be sure to like and subscribe for more content delivered weekly.


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