Ruger PC9: The Do All Carbine

It’s not everyday that you get the opportunity to write about a rifle that changes your perspective.

The Ruger PC9 is so adaptable to so many uses it can easily show the potential to overcome its little brother the almighty 1022. The trigger of the PC9 is arguably the best component. The PC9 uses a lot of similar parts that consumers are used to seeing in their 1022 rifles. Instead better machined parts, and listening to their customers was clearly the distinctive formula for this build

The stock is synthetic and lightweight which basically means that you can add it to any vehicle, carry it under any weather and not have to worry about babying the stock because the wood is too fragile. Ruger also added some high end components. The barrel is fluted which gives it more surface area for cooling and some structural rigidity. Integrated picatinny rail for optics is a pretty big deal. The choices of optics are huge but I can see my own version having a tried and true Trijicon RMR.

Ok so here’s the biggest and wildest feature. Interchangeable magazines between Ruger and GLOCK magazines is fully supported on this rifle. Ruger even throws in the conversion kit right in the box. Glock magazines runs forever and we all have them. If you live in a free state, throw in a fun stick (30 rounds) and go plink away.

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The takedown feature is also huge because you can toss it in basically any bag and take it on longer trails that you wouldn’t normally want to. All of these features make this rifle the perfect package. You can already assume that they will release a PC carbine in 10mm and 45acp. I will totally try to get any and all pistol calibers Ruger comes out with. At a price point in the ball park of $650 you cannot go wrong.


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