Shot Show 2018: California don’t hold your breath

California Gun Dealers face a huge dilemma. Micro stamping. Micro stamping is prohibiting consumers from getting newer and more reliable firearms.

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SHOT was predictably great and as usual very taxing on the attendees. Miles were logged on health apps and there was endless booths to see and take note. This time my visit was based on my current position as a range master where as previously it was based as a blogger.

Realizing that the show is actually much smaller because we cannot get access to a lot of the new pistols really diminishes the firearms we can get. Glocks are still mainly gen 3, and most new polymer guns are not available such as the Sig P320 and P365. Unless you are law enforcement there really isn’t much to expect  because were still stuck with the diminishing list of firearms available to purchase. No new firearms can be added, only existing firearms can be removed.

The new Kimber micro guns are awesome and great for CCW and would be very practical in counties like Orange, and San Bernardino where CCW issue is very high but the reality is we cant get our hands on those. The purchasing trend is to get guns that are small and concealable.

The AR market is presumably dead within the California borders. Aside from the Thorsden Gen 3 stock, what else does this state really have to look forward to? Enter the Ruger PC9!

The Ruger PC9 is the answer a lot of rifleman have been looking for. Most AR15 engagement is done within the 200 meters or less threshold. I don’t know about you but I really don’t want to set targets up 500-600 yards away and plink away. 100 meters is perfect for the 9mm cartridge. Shooters will notice a nice savings on the money spent as they will be utilizing a pistol cartridge and not a rifle cartridge which will pay dividends in the future. Nine millimeter ammo is super inexpensive these days. Not to mention it being a great home defense option.

For those who are insistent on messing with the AR15 market, Juggernaut Tactical has released a single rear take down pin that is pretty genius in its design. The JT15 series will likely come equipped with the rear take down pin that is spring loaded and causes the rear portion of the upper receiver to rise just enough for the magazine to be removed. A huge bonus of the JT design is that the barrel does not slam down on your hand should you be holding the rifle by the magazine well.

There was many other great innovations at the show and we will be covering those in micro segments as we progress throughout the year. Keep training and be sure to subscribe.


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