Orange County Gun Owners Association

Joining a grassroots gun organization can be one of the best first steps you can take in protecting your 2nd amendment rights.

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Recently, I was invited to come over to the Orange County Gun Owners Association (OCGOA) meeting in Orange, California. I know a good colleague who is a personal firearms instructor for FAST OC, and I was interested to know what I could do to further advance the proliferation of protecting the 2nd amendment at the city and county level.

OCGOA helps encourage and shape politicians to preserve and protect second amendment issues similar to other bigger associations such as the NRA and CRPA. The grassroots level is definitely important as the county level decisions affect me directly being a CCW Licensee. If the sheriff decides he no longer wants to renew or issue permits this can be very troubling for someone like myself who has carried for about four years now.

The meeting was attended by many other gun owners from all walks of life.  I was not alone in this endeavor to protect the 2nd amendment and this was a great sight to see. I felt very reassured that others were willing to come out and show support for the 2a.

Topics discussed were fund raising, watching critical districts, reaching out to new politicians and candidates, and how to network with other counties to make this organization integral to the bigger picture.

I encourage any Orange County resident to become a part of this program and become a watch dog. Orange county has cities such as Santa Ana, who are declaring themselves sanctuary cities, and are allowing refuge for illegal immigrants to set up shop and become drains on the system.

I also encourage gun owners to become members and vote together. Voting is still simply the only way to push forward our quest to tackle other obstacles such as NFA items, and getting rid of that disastrous micro-stamping law. What a joke! OCGOA will provide you with current laws and help educate along the way to navigate the journey of protecting 2nd amendment issues.

Follow the link and sign up. Charter members are only $10 a month or $100 Donation. Click here OCGOA and get started.


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