Magnum Research: 45-70 BFR

Sometimes the best way to hunt is with a huge revolver. Can’t always carry a rifle, or the vegetation is to thick. Strap on a 45-70 revolver and hit the trails.

I initially thought this revolver was going to be absolute chaos to shoot. Why would anyone want a cartridge this big to fire out of a revolver? The short answer is cartridge compatibility. I don’t know too many people that can carry a 4570 as a daily carry or even a daily shooter for that matter.

This rifle is still very cool. You never know when a thick headed Tyrannosaurus rex will pop out during a hunt and you will need to take him down. Besides a beast that big I don’t now what else I would even want to attempt to take down with a revolver of this size.

Magnum research isn’t wildly popular in the revolver game like other brands but they have done a great job getting rifle cartridges into a smaller platform. Check out the video and see how Hickok45 puts everything into perspective.


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