Below is the link to send your comments to the ATF. Attached is my comments and sentiments.



The proposed application of the definition of Machine-gun to Bump Fire stocks and similar devices is not applicable. This regulation aims to begin the dismantling of long time rulings and decisions by the ATF. The proposed regulations will drastically negatively impact firearms owners in future decades as the generations take up arms in support of the 2nd amendment.

I would ask that the council in charge of this proposal seek the original findings of the classification of bump fire stocks to be the true and consistent ruling. Machine-guns are indeed designed to fire multiple rounds per trigger pull. Semi automatic firearms simply do not propose a credible threat to the general population or those who defend local, state, and federal municipalities.

This evaluation is a political knee jerk reaction, and the bump fire stocks had already been around for a few years prior to the events that took place in the Las Vegas mass shooting. Hysteria and fear has never manifested into proper legislation of personal property of the citizens of this country. The people who are paying attention to this proposal do not support it and will vote to ensure that the 2nd amendment and all applicable rules, and regulations are fully protected.

You too can leave comments for the ATF. Speak now before they chip more and more from the tree of liberty.


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