HK USP Elite: 2017 Ending on a high note

This year I have been pushing my own personal limits. Focusing on accuracy versus speed has been priority 1. The HK USP Elite, is the platform of choice.

The HK USP Elite is definitely a gun that may not be the most contemporary but arguably still the most accurate semi auto that I will likely be able to shoot. The gun is equipped with a match trigger that makes most of control super easy. Comfortable ergonomics and a crisp safety and decocker make the pistol easy to operate. I am a huge proponent of using ergonomics in pistol design. Levers should be easy to lift and buttons should be easy to depress.

The super long sight radius of the pistol makes the Elite very easy on the eyes. A large front sight (which I colored bright orange) and adjustable rear sight help me dial in the pistol to equal my trigger pull. Much like my Glock 34, the USP Elite, is easy to quickly draw and shoot. The sight acquisition is perfect. I will have to do much holster work and practice reloading. The muscle memory is part of the mastery of shooting. Getting to learn new firearms is a huge fundamental of marksmanship.

This is the second double action, semi auto pistol that I will begin learning on. Most other pistols I’ve worked with are single action. Glock’s, and 1911’s are operationally the same. The 1911 has the thumb safety that you need to worry about but the both have to be cocked and locked. This HK can be left decocked, and in the safe position. Personally, thats something that I feel is a bit to much safety to worry about. I can already perceive myself carrying it much like a 1911.

So why not just carry a 1911 then? Why buy and HK to mimic the 1911 that I am already so familiar with? I think the HK will likely be a little bit more reliable. The chamber tolerances will be different and being able to carry 10 rounds of 45acp will offer a much harder hitting package. The HK magazines are a heavy premium. I’ve seen the HK full size magazines in the ball park of $60 each. That can get real expensive real fast. Both of my 1911’s have eight magazines. I can’t imagine having to shell out $500 for magazines for the HK.  If you buy a premium gun expect to pay for premium magazines. Also the German military tasted the HK USP against extreme weather, and salt corrosion. Salt corrosion alone will destroy a 1911’s slide and frame. The HK polymer and hazardous environment treatments have withstood anything the German navy and special forces can throw at them. Without giving the German military too much to brag about, US special forces have replicated the same training and have found the same results. While not too many people can get their hands on a USP Elite, the USP platform has been used in the hands of many civilians with much satisfaction.

The HK brand is clearly the Porsche of the hand gun market in the US. If you get your hands on a HK, you will peak the interest of those shooting next to you. I took the USP Elite out  to 21 feet on an indoor range. I keep hitting bullseye after bullseye with minimal effort. Knowing I’m being watched helped add pressure as those on the lanes next to me quickly asked what gun I was using. The HK was a crowd pleaser for sure. Ultimately I cannot wait to keep training with the USP Elite.



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