New Wheelguns for 2018

Ruger and Smith & Wesson are both releasing some new revolvers prior to SHOT 2018

Smith & Wesson has been clearly watching the after market and made some simple but very much needed ergonomic updates. New thumb releases are added to the performance center guns that were originally featured by Hogue Inc. This simple upgrade seems to be something S&W could have launched ages ago.

The super bright orange front sight is something that also seems to be a quick upgrade to the line up. Why paint the whole front sight orange? With the front sight that color it almost seems as if the front of the gun is like a toy plastic gun. I think there could easily be some confusion in the identification of that gun in a confrontation.

Lastly, is the Ruger Super Redhawk, being released in 10mm. I still wonder why people want the auto cartridges in a revolver. I normally hear complaints from shooters about using moon clips and yet here we go again. While I see a niche market for releasing a heavy revolver to tame the 10mm, I genuinely think they should have been pioneers and brought back the 41mag.

Either way glad to see the biggest revolver makers slightly improving the classics in anyway possible.


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