Liked on YouTube: Sunshine Patriots and “Middle Ground” Gun Control

Reid Henrichs once again hits the hardest points home. The 2nd amendment cannot be mistreated any longer.

The 2nd amendment is arguably always on the defense. Democrats, liberals, and foreign nations are constantly trying to strip away your ability to own and possess a firearm.

The 2nd amendment was added to the bill of rights to ensure that we as free citizens had the right and opportunity to overthrow a corrupt and tyrannical government. The right of the people to rebel and overthrow their government is a concept that causes the democratic party and those socialist circles into hysteria.

US Citizens are not subjects. They do not have a “divine leader,” or supreme leader. Citizens choose the leadership in this country through an electoral college. Thankfully this last election our president defends the 2nd amendment and will preserve future firearms protections for generations to come. Watch the video and see Reid’s points first hand.


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