Facebook Gun ban Continues

In recent weeks I have tried to boost posts to get more attention from new readers on the Facebook pages. As usual it gets blocked due to their anti second amendment agenda.

Youtube, Twitter, and Instagram, are three other brands all working together to suppress the proliferation of pro second amendment groups. The policies are all similar in that they advise, they welcome advocacy groups and other avenues of bringing communities together. Too bad the communities they want are all unicorn chasers that cant figure out what genders they are.

I find it hard to believe that in this age, when digital media is so prevalent that a certain brand can effectively silence such a large gathering of people who believe in the same ideals. Perhaps catering to the minority is much better suited for their shareholders than accepting cash and currency from hardworking progun companies that want to gain more attention for their products and inventions.

For those who own Facebook shares you should be upset that large sources of revenue are being declined based on the believes and values of a very small minority of voters.


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