38Super Coming Back Strong

The 38Super cartridge is making a lightning quick comeback. The round never disappeared but much like other cartridges its quickly coming back into the foreground.


The 38Super has been sought after more recently at the shooting range I work at than ever before. Lots of rare custom 1911’s coming in, and this is only great news for this particular cartridge.

38Super is unique in that its a flat flying cartridge and weights in around 124-147 grains. Weight is comparable to the 9mm but speed is where it sets apart this cartridge. Packing extra powder you can clearly see that this cartridge is meant for more than everyday carry. Extra powder is generally meant for barrier, and thick animal hyde penetration.

Speeds generally range between 1200-1500 feet per second. Generally reserved for 357Mag loads, this auto cambering pistol cartridge can give you comparable penetrations that the 357Mag cartridge can offer. Always returning back to wheelguns is our emphasis as the best cartridges came ready for strong cylinders. Any semi auto is basically a watered down revolver cartridge.


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