3 reasons to get a Glock 20

Featured: Glock 20 with Viper Slide Cut & Gold Accents

1). The 10mm is arguably one of the hardest hitting auto chambering cartridges on the market. Capable of delivering up to 700 foot pounds of energy this handgun is pretty hard to beat.

2) The Glock frame is very resilient to the pressures of the 10mm cartridge. Considering so much force is being contained in a plastic frame, the Glock delivers the reliability people rave about.

3) How does this pistol connect you to revolvers? The 10mm cartridge is basically the gateway drug to the 41magnum! The next step up from the 10mm game is the 41magnum. which was designed to be the ultimate cartridge for law enforcement demands. If you find yourself needing immense power in an auto chambering pistol the Glock 20 will handle most anything. Check it out for yourself.


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