3 Reasons every dad needs a revolver

Every dad needs a revolver to protect the little ones plain and simple. However here are more uses for that wheelgun.

  1. Revolvers are great pistols to begin the very essence of marksmanship. Both spouses and kids can easily use a revolver. There is no separate magazines to figure out to load. Racking the slide on a semi auto is difficult for some shooters, and can be difficult for minors who don’t have the muscle strength to pull the slide to the rear. Wheelguns, simply drop the cylinder, pop out the empty shells and you are good to go.
  2. Cost of ammunition. Revolvers come chambered in every type of caliber there is. Most revolvers allow you to even swap between special and magnum type cartridges. The choice of lighter loads will allow the whole family to be able to use the same pistol and save on ammunition.
  3. Revolvers are very dependable. They can be fired unclose and personal. You don’t have to worry about the gun going out of battery (common in semi autos when the slide doesn’t lock and allow the firing sequence to begin). With proper care and maintenance you can shoot the gun all day long. Revolvers don’t require as much oil and cleaning like semi autos do.

Keep it simple and check out a revolver for the homestead.


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