5 Reasons the Smith & Wesson 686 is my go to revolver 

The Smith 686 is a great all around choice. 

1) Chambered in 357Mag, you have your choice of some serious knock down power. The 357Mag cartridge can be found in some very potent loads to take down most big threats in North America. 

2) My 686 is equipped with the 7 shot cylinder. If you can’t end the threat with 7 rounds you have bigger problems 

3) Lots of aftermarket accessories and various kits are readily available to custom tune the gun to the owner. 

4) This revolver is on the very limited California Handgun roster. The choices are small but this revolver is a great option for contemporary use 

5) Reloading is not that difficult. Speed loaders and speed strips make the process quicker 


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