Welcome to Wheelguns Incorporated

Thank you for stopping in on Wheelguns Incorporated.

I have been excited and working diligently on the release of this blog. There are so many topics to cover and we have plenty of space to do so. Lets cover the 5 W’s.

Who the heck am I? My name is Andrew. I’m a resident Rangemaster at Evans Gunsmithing and Shooters world in Orange, Ca. I’ve been shooting and teaching professionally since 2004. I have chosen to focus and specialize in the use and culture of revolvers because they are still a viable fighting weapon.

Starting immediately you can begin to follow the comprehensive coverage of these firearms and the extras that go with them. I will also cover lever action rifles and the proper ammunition that goes with them. I’m also going to share contemporary cowboy shooters, and techniques as they become available.

I want to keep the old west alive. There was so much skill and creativity in the shooting of the cowboy era that I stay very interested. Ill keep this post short and hope you all are as excited as I am to keep the revolvers moving forward.



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